Hi, I'm Sachit.

I get creators paid & help them build massive audiences. Over 10+ years, I’ve helped 100+ creators generate millions in revenue + subscribers.

I'm the founder of Platforms Media, where we work with clients to grow and scale their audience, including:

  • Rohit Sharma (Indian cricket team and Restless Action Drink)
  • Tim Ferriss (#1 NYT author and podcaster)
  • Seth Godins' altMBA (leadership program)

I’ve also helped 30+ brands including Toptal, HostGator and ActiveCampaign create win-win partnerships with podcasters and creators.

Most recently, I built and ran the first and only cohort of the On Deck Podcaster Fellowship. I share what I learn on the Conscious Creators Show and teach podcasters and creators at the CreatorsMBA. My mission is to share everything I've learned with creators worldwide.



Podcast: Conscious Creators

Company: Platforms Media

Teaching: CreatorsMBA

Case Studies and Testimonials

My Story: Creators Crucible

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What Others Are Saying:


"PSA for podcasters: Learn everything you can from Sachit. His advice on seeking and getting sponsorships is spot on."



"There are few people I know with more expertise on podcasting than Sachit. So much gold in this for podcasters and creators. It’s going to be so helpful to so many creators who want to level up, love it!"



“When it comes to Facebook advertising, it’s hard to find someone who can think strategically, but is also eager to roll up their sleeves to implement the nitty-gritty. Sachit has deep domain knowledge of how Facebook fits into the picture of what you’re trying to accomplish, what to expect, and nuances to be mindful of. In our experience, he cares relentlessly. He never phoned it in. He cares about his craft, about doing a great job, about thinking flexibly, about what’s best for the client.

— Seth Godins' altMBA

Best of Twitter:

I also occasionally write twitter threads on what I learn along the way around marketing, podcasting, creator economy and entrepreneurship. Follow me on Twitter @sachitgupta.