Step 1: Tell Us About Yourself

πŸ‘πŸΌ Don't Just Take It From Me...

Alastair Budge, host of English Learning for Curious Minds on working with Sachit to double both the audience (see below) and monetization side of his business

"It’s not just that he's been through all of this before because he has. But because he equips you with the right map, the right tools, and the right mindset to not only survive but to thrive, all on your own." β€” Van Nguyen on learning sponsorships from Sachit

Ana Beatrice Trinidad, host of Thirsty and Thirty, on working with Sachit on doubling growth and making money from her podcast

Chi Odogwu on working with Sachit to grow his podcast The Bulletproof Entrepreneur Podcast

Isotta Page, host of Art Is, on working with Sachit to build a strong brand and learning how to build a great podcast and understanding the business side of being a creator including launching a new private community

Clara Tsao, Founding Officer and Director, Filecoin Foundation and White House Presidential Innovation Fellow on starting her podcast

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